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Basketball Shooting Step

Shooting a basketball isn't as easy as just picking up a ball and lofting it into the air toward the hoop. A good shot has to be practiced and developed. You must always be aware of angles and distance from the hoop. The standard rule for shooting is BEEF, which stands for balance, eyes, elbow, and follow through. While helpful, this only scratches the surface of a good basketball shot. There are far more mechanics and rules involved in making the perfect shot.

Step 1

Set your lower body and face the hoop with your feet a shoulder width apart. Position yourself on the balls of your feet. Don't stand flat-footed or up on your toes. Keep your dominant foot slightly forward and your knees bent.

Step 2

Set your upper body by keeping your back straight. Keep your butt out slightly.

Step 3

Set your arms. Your shooting arm should form an L shape. Keep your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle and your arm straight up and down. Keep your wrist cocked back at a 90-degree angle, with your fingers pointing back at you. Your non-shooting arm should be raised next to the other one, with that hand assisting in the shot.

Step 4

Set your hands. The palm of your shooting hand should never touch the basketball, only the fingertips. Keep your fingers spread apart evenly and comfortably. Keep your hand under the ball. Your non-shooting hand should be on the side of the basketball, lightly guiding and supporting it.

Step 5

Execute the shot in one fluid motion. Many things will happen at once. Bend your knees and straighten them out as you release the basketball. Roll from the balls of your feet to your toes to gain momentum. Raise the ball from your chest to above your head and shoot from the center of your body. Push your arms up and toward the basket. Flick your wrist and release the ball. Follow through and keep your shooting arm pointing toward the basket.

Here is a video clip to give you a clear image.

B = Balance
E = Eyes on target
E = Elbows Up
F = Follow through

Tips and Warnings

Jump when you shoot the basketball. You automatically become taller and gain more power. This is preferable to pushing the ball hard with your arms. Always shoot high with an arc and aim at the back of the rim or the backboard. Above all, always keep your eyes fixed on the hoop and practice every day to improve your shot.


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